Let's Enjoy the Benefits of Seaweed

The benefits of seaweed have been popular since ancient times. Since 300 years before Christ, seaweed has been consumed in east Asia as a daily side dish, and to treat diseases. Meanwhile, Roman culture used seaweed to treat wounds, burns, and skin rashes. Seaweed is part of the multi-cell family of algae which includes green algae, red algae, and brown algae. For centuries, seaweed has been excellent for medicinal, industrial and food ingredients because of its nutritional content. Until now, clinical trials for therapeutic recommendations using seaweed are still small, but the benefits of seaweed have been trusted by the community, especially as an important source of essential nutrients for health. Types of Seaweed that can be consumed There are various types of seaweed that can be consumed both when it is fresh, dried, cooked, until processed into a powder supplement, namely: Nori: Red algae which are then processed into dry sheets and used to roll sushi. Sea lettuce: Green
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